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In simplest terms, the primary application of a filter press is to separate solids from liquids. The product to be gained from the filtration process can be the liquid or filtrate (as in fabric processing), the solid or cake (as in metal hydroxide removal), or both (as in distillery applications). Regardless of application all Sperry Filter Presses are designed with three essential customer objectives in mind:

  • To meet filtration requirements
  • To minimize capital investment costs
  • To minimize operating costs

Model 1200mm Fully Automatic Filter Press

Sperry frameworks are constructed of either Ductile Iron or fabricated steel with capacities ranging from as little as a half cubic foot to in excess of 150 cubic feet. Sperry can customize your filter press to meet your unique requirements; whether it be higher pressures or temperatures or special coatings for filter press plates, Sperry can manufacture a filter press for YOUR application.

With our own foundry and machine shop, Sperry can rebuild, recondition or retrofit existing filter presses to upgrade them to current technology, as well as provide a variety of filter press plates constructed of Polypropylene, Ductile Iron, Aluminum or Stainless Steel, for all size presses.

Whatever your filtration need, contact Sperry first--with in-plant facilities and experience, you can be assured of a quality filter press at an economical price.

Automatic Press

Sperry's reputation for quality filtration equipment can be attributed to ourcomplete in-plant facility, which includes our own foundry, machine shop, filter cloth fabrication center, engineering department and testing laboratory. This allows us to control the quality, production rate and delivery of your press, while keeping costs to you down.

Ductile Iron press frameworks machined to tolerances, resulting in a square fit, thus eliminating misalignment as found in many fabricated frameworks. Modified epoxy coating protects all frameworks. Standard Design Pressure of 125 PSI for a 100 PSI operating pressure.

"E" Press

The Sperry "E" Press features:
  • Polypropylene gasketed and non-gasketed recessed filter plates or flush plates and frames.
  • Porting arrangements of all types including open discharge.
  • Cake Thicknesses up to 2 in.
  • HCP Automatic Closing Device. Pneumatically operated, factory set, simple one level close-stop-open control in a compact control box. Constant pressure with relief valve, driven by booster pump. No electric.
  • Fabricated steel framework, welded steel plate, rectangular steel legs, steel heads, steel sidebars. 100 psi maximum operating pressure.

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