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Plate configuration--the selection of the correct filter element--is absolutely critical to filtration applications. Among determinant factors in plate configuration are cake thickness and filtration area, the temperature of the filtrate, the need (or lack of need) for temperature control, volatility of the filtrate, viscosity, and so on. The particular combination of these factors in any application will determine compatible materials of construction. Cost is also a consideration here. The multiplicity of factors inherent in any application makes flexibility of plate construction material a real advantage to anyone designing a filtration system.

Flush Plate and Frame

There are two basic plate styles, flush plate/frame and recessed plate, and these in turn have specialized styles of their own.

Generally, when the central application is clarification of the filtrate, flush plate and frame is the configuration of choice...

Recessed Plates

...and when the cake is the desired end-product recessed plate configuration generally used in the filter press.

Leakproof Plates

Leakproof plates are a special gasketed type of recessed plate. Imperative in the filtration of volatile or hazardous materials, they are often used to reduce product loss or simply to effect a cleaner environment.

Lug-Style Plates

A special type of flush plate and frame is the lug style plate. Lug style plates are used when the application demands frequent changes of filter media (e.g. the processing of shellac), and minimize labor in that they eliminate problems of media alignment.

All D. R. Sperry Plates can be adapted to all D. R. Sperry Filter Press Skeletons. This affords the engineer a range of filter press configurations exceeding that of any other manufacturer.

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