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Years of extensive research by Sperry testing laboratories have resulted in innovative engineering, design and manufacture of wastewater treatment/sludge disposal equipment for countless industrial applications. Sperry equipment is proven and acclaimed worldwide for high performance dependability, cost efficient operation.

The Ultimate Filter Press Sludge Drying System

Sperry's SPERRYMAX(r) Filter Press Sludge Drying System eliminates secondary operations and product variations with repeatable moisture levels from cycle to cycle. Pathogens, air pollutants, and disposal costs are greatly reduced, and rapid heat transfer rates reduce the drying cycle.

The heart of the SperryMax Filter Press is a series of heated and teflon or epoxy coated aluminum or ductile iron, caulk and gasketed recessed chamber plates in which the dewatering and drying occurs. During the first step, the slurry is pumped and packed at standard densities into the chambers for normal dewatering. During the next step, the chambers are heated either electrically or with surplus low pressure steam while a suction is applied to the discharge ports. This suction lowers the boiling point and causes the remaining liquid to evaporate. The actual drying time is set to achieve the desired level of cake dryness. After drying is complete, the press is opened, the plates are separated and the dried cakes are discharged.


Sperry's HYDRYMAX(r) Sludge Dryers are designed to meet your needs. Waste solids are reduced to a powder dry residue. Complete dehydration results in bulk weight and volume reduction of 75 percent and more. Immediate substantial savings are realized through lower disposal/handling costs. Additional long term benefits can be realized through reduced RCRA liability/responsibility.

Minimum controls required. Unit holding hopper feeds continual supply of sludge to drying tube--add additional material at any time during operation. Hopper can be filled to maximum capacity and left to run with only periodic inspection. Available as free standing, or locate under new/existing filter press. Unit Heating: Natural Gas or Propane (electric units can be made upon request). Stainless Steel variable speed auger moves sludge through dryer tube exposing all surfaces to heat and air. High temperatures within the burner tube cause complete dehydration reducing sludge material to a dried granular residue.


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