Filter Media

   The Sperry Filter Media Center has continuously been an integral part of D. R. Sperry & Company. Stocked with a complete array of Filter Media of every composition, we adorn a multitude of media ranges in both paper and cloth. Knowing that D. R. Sperry & Company is prepared to meet every demand of every specific Industry requirement combined with the expertise of our Filter Media Staff, affords D. R. Sperry & Company to manufacture Hand sewn; gasket inlaid Filter Media assuring the highest possible quality. We continue to push the envelope of Perfection, instilling the highest workmanship standards, durability and longevity into all of our Filter Media products. Contact us or Request a Proposal and we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements within 12 to 24 hours.

Fine Chemicals

Industrial filtrations solutions for chemical processing sector

Production Processes. Dyes and Pigments. Chemical Waste. Catalyst Production.


Industrial filtrations solutions for metals, minerals industry

Metal Hydroxides. Aluminum Waste. Precious Metal Recovery. Pickle Liquor. Rolling Mill Waste.

Food and Beverage - Beverage

Industrial filtrations solutions for beverage clarification industry

Product Dewatering. Wine & Juice Solids Filtration. Brewery Waste. Sugar Processing.

Manufacturing, Other

Filtrations solutions for general industrial sector

Plating & Metal Finishing Waste. Tumbling & Deburring Waste. Tannery Waste. Scrubber Sludge. Laundry Waste. Textile Waste. Paint Sludge. Clarifier Sludge.


Industrial filtrations solutions for environmental cleanup industry

Lagoon Sludge. Hazardous Waste Dewatering. Leachate Treatment. Soil Washing.

Water and Wastewater

Filtrations solutions for municipal/industrial wastewater sector

Sewage Sludge. Filter Backwash Recovery. Aluminum Sludge. Lime Sludge. Activated Sludge. Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical.